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Welcome to MADD Arkansas

 Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm



2300 Andover Court, Suite 500

Little Rock, AR 72227

501.246.8810 or 1.855.227.6233


 Victim Impact Panels ARE NOT held at this address.  Please consult the VIP classes & locations in the upper left hand corner for that information.   


If you were arrested for a DWI 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Offense ON or AFTER July 31, 2009, and your license has been suspended through Arkansas Driver Control, you will be required to attend a MADD Victim Impact Panel before the license can be reinstated. 

*NOTE:  If you are under a judge's order to attend a MADD VIP Class (even if your arrest date was prior to July 31, 2009) you should comply with that court order.



What Do I Have To Do to Attend a MADD VIP?


You will find a complete list of the current VIP schedule for the state by clicking in the upper left hand corner on VIP Classes & Locations.  Some panels require registration & others do not -- this will be specified on the VIP Classes & Locations page.


Please refer to the VIP Attendance Guidelines before attending.



If the panel DOES NOT have pre-registration available:


1. Always check the website ( to verify date/time within 24 hours of attending *****Panel dates and locations are subject to change.*****


2.  Arrive 45 minutes prior to start time to the location for registration.  Arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to start time.    



3.  It is first come, first serve.  Once all space is taken, the panel will be closed.  Arriving within 45 minutes of the scheduled start time will help (but not guarantee) secure your place. 


4. You MUST arrive before the panel  begins or you will not be allowed to attend.


5. If the panel has begun, do not interrupt the panel.  You will need to plan to attend at another time.  This information will not be provided to you after the panel has begun.


6.  You MUST bring a $10 money order/cashier check made out to MADD. and a picture identification.  (NO CASH OR  PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED – no exceptions made)






 If the panel requires pre-registration: 


There are two ways to register for a panel – Choose ONE; not BOTH


1) Registration through Website










                    2)  Registration by Phone











                                    What if I lose by receipt/certificate? 

                                    Please mail in the following items listed below:


                                     1)  A $20 money order/cashier's check made out to MADD (NO CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED)


                                    2) A self-addressed stamped envelope (YOUR REQUEST WILL NOT BE PROCESSED WITHOUT THIS)


                                    3) Specify the county/date you attended (THIS IS NECESSARY TO VERIFY YOUR ATTENDANCE)


                                    MADD-Arkansas State Office

                                    2300 Andover Court, Suite 500

                                     Little Rock, AR  72227


                                    Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for processing.



                                    Please contact the MADD Office at 501.246.8810 or 855.227.6233 or by e-mail ( ) for any questions.

                                    Please Scroll Down and Read the instructions below regarding attendance/registration & requesting a replacement certificate


                                    SPECIAL VIP ANNOUNCEMENTS:




                                    2014 VIPS will be held bimonthly in Crittenden County & Baxter County beginning in February 2014 


                                    Effective November 1, 2013 -- the costs for a replacement MADD VIP certificate will be a $20 money order.


                                    All MADD Victim Impact Participants MUST bring a $10 money order/cashier check made out to MADD and a picture identification. (NO CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED – no exceptions made)